Kringle's Inventionasium Experience 2021


Earlier this year, a major water main break in the Terminal Tower caused severe flood damage to Tower City Center. We have recently learned that repairs to our section of the building will not be completed until January 2022, which will make accessing our space extrememly difficult and managing the event nearly impossible to execute as intended. Coupled with the significant continued risks of COVID-19, especially the rise of cases in children, this season of Kringle’s Inventionasium Experience has been cancelled.

This was a difficult decision, but our promise to deliver a quality experience, while guaranteeing the health and safety of our guests & cast members, is our top priority.  Please enjoy direct-to-home holiday experiences with Mr. Kringle by booking an eVisit or Personalized Letter.

Our Breakfast Offerings and Themed Hotel Suites will also remain operational for 2021.

KIX ticket sales relaunch July 25th 2022.