Busy In The Toy Lab Template

“Greetings,  Tyler,

Christmas Eve is upon us and splendid preparations are under way.  Days go quickly by, and I’ve been reviewing toy deliveries for what seems like a faerie’s age.   Working down the list alphabetically, I reached Ohio just yesterday.  When I came to your name in North Royalton, I was inspired to write this correspondence.

It made me smile; , remembering last year’s journey down Atkins Rd. and the Power Ranger action figure I left for you there. Hard to believe you are already eight and almost half way through 3rd grade! How quickly stars twinkle.

Once again, the streets of North are all a bustle with anticipation for my yearly flight.   Even now, the elves are busy in the toy lab, working their magic on the latest collection ofwishes.

The Keeper of the List tells me you’ve been helping your family decorate the house and taking very good care of your little brother, Nathan.  These little kindnesses and gifts of love have not gone unnoticed.

As I write to you, this eventide, I find myself in awe of all you’ve accomplished this year and the person you are striving to become.  Keep this up, my deario, and I promise, some marvelous surprises again this Christmas…maybe even a Nintendo Switch. Wink. Wink.

Keep dreaming and spread joyous cheer as the magical night draws closer near.  Be sure to, listen doubly well to your Mom and Dad.  They love you more than you will ever know and like me, want the very best for you.

PS – Tomorrow we’re brainstorming soccer and fishing toys.   Any ideas?”

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