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“Glad tidings to you, Jacob,

‘Twas such a delight catching up with you last Saturday. You truly are a remarkable young man with a creative spirit that reinvigorates my soul.  I am still astounded by how much you’ve grown since the last time I saw you, and how well you’re progressing in 3rd grade.  Keep this up, my friend, and I promise some wonderful surprises for you this Christmas…maybe even a Disney Video Game.  Wink. Wink.

Christmas Eve is even closer since we spoke.  Even now at eventide, the streets of North are all a bustle with excitement and anticipation for my yearly flight.  After all these decades, the journey still thrills me.

When I fly over North Royalton, I can always spot your house on Akins Rd. by the pig statue in your front yard.  Your family always has a beautiful Christmas Tree in the Family Room.  For fun, before filling the stockings, I always search to see if can spot your favorite Mickey Mouse ornament.  I do hope you’ll be leaving some of those walnut raisin cookies out again. They were oh so scrumptious.   But I digress.

So, my darling, my deario, enjoy this time with family and friends as the magical night draws near.  Be sure to listen doubly well to your Mom and Dad.  They love you more than you will ever know, and like me, want the very best for you.

Thank you again for the memorable visit.   Keep using your imagination.  Stay true to yourself.  And remember:  I believe in you always!”

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