House Elf Report Template

“Dearest Daphne,

‘Tis with jovial delight that I write you this day.  The most magical night of the year draws close, and chitchats with all my house elves have become quite frequent.   Your resident elf, Sprinkles, has been keeping me apprised of all the Wallace Family shenanigans.

He’s been having jolly fun in Bedford and, very much enjoys helping your family prepare for Christmas.  That house elf always has many a grand story to tell.  I especially found the one when Dad danced with your dog, Bruno to be quite splendid!

Sprinkles also shared with me some of the mischief he’s been making in the house—like when he hid inside the jelly cupboard!  Hearing about that escapade had me shaking with mirth for a faerie’s age! House elves can be such sneaky little creatures, can’t they?

But what made my heart sing most was when Sprinkles told of all the ways that you, my little deario, have been bringing joy to the world.  I have heard the whispers of the stars.  I know times amongst Earth folk are quite challenging this year, and yet, you continue to show love and kindness which have not gone unnoticed.

Remember when you helped your brother Caleb up after he tripped and the time you sang a song for Grandma Moreen.  It is these little selfless acts about which I am speaking; these magical moments when you make the world twinkle just a little brighter.  Keep this up, Daphne, and I promise some wonderful surprises for you this Christmas…maybe even a Cotton Candy Cutesy Doll. Wink. Wink.”

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