Keeper Of The List Template

“Gingerbread Greetings, Caleb,

It is with fervent jubilation that I bring you these tidings of great joy.  As the magical season of Christmas draws near, my meetings with Guidance Au Pere, the Keeper of the List, have become quite frequent.  Just yesterday, much to my delight, she reported your name as appearing at the top of the List.

Even now, as I write this correspondence, my words fall short of being able to express just how proud I am of all you’ve accomplished. This year has proved most challenging for many earth folk, but your persistent actions of kindness and love towards others has not gone unnoticed.  Remember the time you helped your Mommy plant flowers or shared the ipad with your sister Daphne?  It is these little selfless acts about which I am speaking; these little gifts you willingly give that change the world for better.  Never underestimate the magical abilities within yourself to transform the lives of your fellow neighbor!

It is not just us magical folk that have remarked on your growth.  Mr. Gladwell tells me that you have also been progressing exceptionally in 1st grade, particularly in the areas of Science.  Keep this up, my little chuckaboo, for all you learn will shape you into the amazing, talented, absolutely splendiforus person you’re destined to become.  If you do, there is a very good chance that Nerf X Fortnite you asked me for will find its way under your tree this Christmas.

You’ve filled my heart, Caleb, and for this I thank you.  Enjoy this time with family and friends as you help prepare for Christmas. Be sure to listen closely to your Mom and Dad.  They love you very much, and like me, want the very best for you.

PS – Could you leave those GingerSnap cookies out for me again when I come to Parma Heights on Christmas Eve?  They were ever so scrumptious.”

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