Having An eVisit With Mr. Kringle

A Helpful Guide For The Best Experience

How To Prepare

1. Make sure you have filled out the appropriate Personalized Questionnaire and, if applicable, the eVisit Spectator Questionnaire no later than 48 hours prior to your scheduled call. Links to the questionnaires are found at the bottom of your eVisit Confirmation Email.


2. eVisits are conducted on the Zoom Video Conferencing platform. Before your call, make sure that anyone who is joining has installed Zoom onto the device they’ll be using. To install, visit https://zoom.us/download, then select the option “Zoom Client For Meetings” and download. You do not need to create an account.
3. Make sure to have your eVisit in an area with adequate internet. A high-speed broadband connection will provide the best results.
4. We recommend you find a brightly lit place in your residence, where there is not a window or light directly behind or to the side of you. This will ensure you won’t be in shadow and that Mr. Kringle can clearly see the believers. We also suggest positioning yourselves on screen from the chest up.

5. You will receive the Zoom Meeting Invitation prior to your scheduled eVisit. This will contain the Meeting Link as well as a Meeting ID & Passcode you will use to join the call.

6. Share the Zoom Meeting Invitation with any eVisit Spectators you may have added to the call. Only those previously booked with your reservation will be admitted.

7. Mr. Kringle encourages guests to wear pajamas or festive outfits for the most magical and memorable of experiences.

How To Join

1. On the date of your scheduled appointment, use the information provided in your Zoom Meeting Invitation to join the call 10 mins prior to your scheduled time.

2. You may join the call via the Meeting Link or by using the Meeting ID & Passcode.

To connect via Meeting Link: (See Sample Image)
* Click link that appears directly underneath where it says “Join Zoom Meeting”
* When prompted, “Join With Video”
* Please wait for Mr. Kringle to start eVisit promptly at scheduled time.


To connect via Meeting ID & Passcode: (See Sample Image)
* Go to https://mrkringle.zoom.us
* Click “Join” to connect to a meeting
* Enter Meeting ID, then click “Join”
* Enter Meeting Passcode, then click “Join Meeting”
* When prompted, “Join With Video”
* Please wait for Mr. Kringle to start eVisit promptly at scheduled time.
3. While waiting, make sure your video and sound are working properly. If you have invited eVisit Spectators onto your call, verify their attendance and have them double-check their equipment. You will be admitted into the call promptly at your scheduled time. Late arrivals to your eVisit will be admitted only at Mr. Kringle’s discretion once a natural opportunity in the conversation presents itself.