Kids experimenting with a Christmas elf at Mr. Kringle's Inventionasium Experience in Cleveland, Ohio

Frequently asked questions

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What is an eVisit With Mr. Kringle®?
An eVisit With Mr. Kringle is a virtual visit with Santa in the comforts of your home. Options include: live Streaming or a Pre-Recorded video message from Santa.
What is the appropriate age group for an eVisit?
While eVisits are suitable for all ages, we recommend the participant be at least 2 years of age.
How long is an eVisit?
The duration of each eVisit varies. Pre-Recorded messages last 2-3 mins, while Streaming eVisits range 6-10 mins based on which option you choose.
How much does it cost?
Mr. Kringle offers multiple pricing options starting at $28 for a personalized Pre-Recorded video message from Santa and $48 for live Streaming visits.
How many children are included in an eVisit?
Streaming eVisits include up to 2 children from one household, while Pre-Recorded eVisits include one child.

Additional children from the household may be added for an extra fee. All eVisits can accommodate a maximum of 4 children total. If you have more than 4 children, you would need to schedule an additional eVisit.

Does Mr. Kringle accommodate children with special needs?

Absolutely! Mr. Kringle has experience working with children of all abilities. Please email with any notes or requests you need Mr. Kringle to be aware of 48 hours prior to your scheduled eVisit.

Do I need to schedule an eVisit in advance?
Yes! We encourage families to be proactive about scheduling their eVisits early, as your desired date and time may sell-out.
What are the differences between a Classic and Deluxe eVisit?
A Deluxe eVisit is longer and Mr. Kringle knows more information about the children.
Can I choose my Mr. Kringle?
Mr. Kringle offers families the opportunity to experience Santa as they wish to see him. Choose from our diverse selection of preferences.
Do you offer a Black Santa?

Yes! We offer a Black Santa. You may choose him specifically when selecting your eVisit. 

Can I personalize my eVisit?
You bet your bells! Once you schedule your eVisit, you’ll be able to provide Santa with information about your children. While all eVisits include personalization, Deluxe and Pre-Recorded eVisits offer a more in-depth family questionnaire.
What is meant by a "Personalized Conversation" ?
When you purchase an eVisit experience, guests fill out a questionnaire that covers a variety of topics related to their family and holiday traditions. Mr. Kringle will use his discretion and choose information from the answers provided to sprinkle into the conversation for an unforgettable virtual visit!
Can I invite family and friends to join my streaming eVisit?
Of course! You can invite up to 4 guests from anywhere in the world to watch your virtual visit with Santa! When booking your experience, eVisit Spectator options are presented upon checkout.
Will I receive of copy of my video call with Santa?
All streaming experiences provide a complimentary eVisit Keepsake of your virtual visit with Santa to download and share. eVisit Keepsake videos are emailed within 48-72 hours after your call.
What platform is used for an eVisit?
eVisits are conducted on the Zoom Video Conferencing platform.
Will I have to install any apps or software?
Yes, you will need to have Zoom downloaded onto a device.
Do I need a certain type of bandwidth?
A high-speed broadband connection will provide the best results.
Do I need a certain type of webcam?
A high-quality web cam will yield the best results, but any desktop, laptop, Ipad, or mobile camera will do the trick. A mobile device should only be used as a last resort.
How can I help to ensure the best experience?
We recommend you find a brightly lit place in your residence, where there is not a window or light directly behind or to the side of you. This will ensure you won’t be in shadow and that Mr. Kringle can clearly see the believers. We also suggest positioning yourselves on screen from the chest up.
How do I join my eVisit?
You will receive a Zoom Meeting Invitation 72 hours prior to your scheduled eVisit. This will contain the Meeting Link as well as a Meeting ID & Password you will use to join the call. Click the link provided 10 mins prior to your eVisit. You will be placed into a virtual waiting room until your appointment time.
How early should I log on before my reservation?
Please log into your eVisit appointment 10 mins prior to your scheduled time. Make sure your video and sound are working properly. If you have invited eVisit Spectators onto your call, verify their attendance and double-check their equipment. Late arrivals to your eVisit will be admitted only at Mr. Kringle’s discretion once a natural opportunity in the conversation presents itself.
In what time zone do the eVisits occur?
eVisits are scheduled and conducted according to the Eastern Standard Time Zone.
What should we wear for the Streaming eVisit? Is there a dress code?
Mr. Kringle encourages guests to wear pajamas or festive outfits for the most magical and memorable of experiences.
How do I make changes to my existing eVisit?
Simply email your order number along with your adjustments to and we’ll work our magic! An updated confirmation will be resent to the email address on file.
I never received the “eVist Confirmation Email.” What should I do?
If you do not receive the email confirmation within 30 mins of completing your purchase, please email