Welcome to Mr. Kringle's Top Secret inventing lab.

Time to let your imagination run wild and turn your most brilliant ideas into reality. Kringle’s Inventionasium is an interactive theatrical experience that will take your family tradition to an entirely new level! Only the most exceptional dreamers have what it takes to become an Inventioneer and work with Kringle, his family and kooky inventing team as they prepare for the holiday season. This Christmas… it’s time to twist your tradition!

Choose your portal to adventure...

Your Inventionasium® adventure begins with a top secret assignment and a mysterious room of doors. Which will you choose? Behind one lies a portal to a very magical place…

Keep your wits as you navigate the unknown...

Find your group in the Mind Shafts™. Travel secret tunnels and passage ways that only elves and magical creatures know. Search for clues that will unlock a coded message at the end of your journey.

Paint, pause, paint again...

Portraits vanish in the Gallery of Mysterious Masterpieces™. They disappear right before your merry eyes! Unleash your inner artist and paint the frames with pure imagination.

Help us design the best new toys.

The Whatchamacallit Workshop™ is a menagerie of various thingamajigs and whirligigs. Exercise your genius and mix the gizmos with the gadgets to invent original creations. Wacky interchangeable doodads make possibilities endless!

Your mind is the weather here.

Ideas spark lightning fast inside the Brainstorming Department™. Harness your creativity and shape prototypes of your most spectacular ideas out of Mr. Kringle’s latest malleable substance.

If you believe...

Breakthroughs are happening in the Grow Snow Laboratory™. Watch as scientists demonstrate Mr. Kringle’s Everlasting Snow Solution™!

Oodles and oodles of noodles.

Toy Engineering™ is home to a toy creation station. Hone in on your inventing skills and make simple or sophisticated designs to show Mr. Kringle®.


Meet members of Kringle’s® family in the Hiccup Hangout™. Keep a look out for dancing chandeliers and some unexpected surprises! Then, finally it’s time for your Private Visit with Mr. Kringle®. Discuss your ideas and review your Christmas wishes while our photographers capture your merriest moments on camera.

The Magic Continues

Before your departure, enjoy a trip though Kringle’s Toy Shoppe®. Purchase your pictures and Kringle’s® unique toys, novelties, ornaments and decor from his stylish selection!