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Mr. Jingeling is a cultural icon that has been unlocking imaginations since 1956, and bestowing magical keys to all he meets. His significance is deeply rooted in Cleveland’s holiday traditions, and has left a lasting mark on the city’s history. Over the last 65 years, the famous elf has endured the test of time, and continues to delight young and old alike during the Christmas season. Many remember visiting the him on “Halle’s 7th Floor,” and hearing the tingling of his many keys. Others grew up watching Mr. Jingeling on television, and can recall the famous song synonymous with him. Merry memories await, as Santa’s most beloved companion once again returns to ring in the holiday cheer. This Christmas, Mr. Jingeling promises to make your spirits bright, and excite an all new generation of believers.

Meet Mr. Jingeling...

Catch him this holiday season as he visits places all over Northeastern Ohio, and tells stories of his many fantastical adventures. You are invited to help Mr. Jingeling continue his mission, by hosting him at your next holiday event, parade, or gathering. This beloved elf is guaranteed to reignite fond memories for those who remember, and entertain children of every age. After visiting him, all will leave smiling with one of his many magical keys – Luck Key No. 7. This special key is endowed with charms and is said to bring good fortune when placed underneath your pillow during the Christmas season. Whether you’re looking to learn more about the legacy of Mr. Jingeling, shop his souvenir merchandise, or book a special appearance with the famous elf, you’ve come to the right place!

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Returns Christmas 2024

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