It began one Christmas Eve...

When the air was frigid, when snowflakes swirled around, and not a soul could be found. Except, that is, for one little Bear named Twigbee. Dressed in his warm knit cap and scarf, Twigbee braved the winter night on his way to Public Square. You see, Twigbee was a bear in love with Christmas. The Twinking lights shining bright and the cheery spirit of the seasonjust filled his heart with love.

As he stood alone on the blustery square admiring the decorations, Twigbee heard the faint rattle of bells in the distance. As the bells jingled louder and cheerier than any bells he had heard before he knew in an instant. Yes it must be! He looked up, there, sure enough, was Santa Claus in his sleigh waving down at Twigbee.


Twigbee was beside himself with joy...

As he watched Santa land just a few feet away. “Greetings friend,” boomed Santa as he strode over to Twigbee. “I could really use some help. In my hurry to leave North, I left my star maps and seem to be a bit lost. How am I going to deliver presents to the good children if I can’t navigate my way through the city streets?”

Being a good-hearted bear, Twigbee eagerly offered to help Santa find his way. And off they went. After all the gift had been delivered in the city, Santa took Twigbee back to Public Square. “You know Twigbee,” Santa began, “without you, the children of the town wouldn’t have any presents under the tree tomorrow morning. Your kindness deserves a reward.” Twigbee blushed. “Since you’ve been such a help for me tonight, I am going to make you my official helper, and you can help me make toys. I will give you your own workshop. It will be called “Twigbee’s.”

But Twigbee knew nothing of building toys, nor how to run a workshop on his own. He needed the experience he could only get from Santa and his elves. So, he asked if he could return to North with the jolly old elf. “Of Course, my dear bear,” Santa replied, “there is much I will teach you.” And with a calling of the reindeer off they went into the night.

Each year, Twigbee returns to run the Workshop, and help deliver Christmas Cheer to one and all.