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Surprise & delight guests with special appearances from your favorite Holiday Celebrities! Celebrations are a smash when our Holiday characters come to call. Whether an in-person gathering, corporate event, or virtual celebration, unforgettable memories await with every encounter…

Holiday Characters & Pricing

Travel fees may apply to bookings further than 20 miles away from our headquarters in Cleveland, OH.

One Of Our Holiday Characters: Mr. Kringle


Presiding Santa Claus; Chief Toy Maker

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One Of Our Holiday Characters: Mrs. Kringle

Mrs. Kringle

Presiding Mrs. Claus

One Of Our Holiday Characters: Black Mr. Kringle


Presiding Santa Claus; Chief Toy Maker

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One Of Our Holiday Characters: Mr. Jingeling

Mr. Jingeling

Santa’s Keeper-Of-The-Keys

Making Spirits Bright

Hire the perfect holiday characters to create unforgettable entertainment at your school, special event, private party, parade or virtual celebration! Mr. Kringle & Company® provides quality entertainment and boasts the “Best Santas in the U.S.” according to TIME! Our unique cast of holiday characters have appeared at private, corporate and civic events nationwide. Contact us today and let’s make magic together.

Supporting Holiday Characters & Pricing

Elf-tastic additions to any holiday extravaganza! The more… the merrier…


Eisley was the result of the most interesting experiment involving miss-sized doll parts and the magic of Frosty’s famous top hat. He has become one of Mr. Kringle’s best pupils and an instant favorite at the Inventionasium. Eisley’s keen sense for detail makes him ideal in the constant pursuit of creative perfection. Challenge him to a staring contest… we dare you…


​Recognized for his natural genius in Animechanics, this brash Inventologist was approached by Mr. Kringle himself to be the first member of the Inventionasium team. Helping to found the Inventionasium is just the beginning of the adventure for this kid.


Investigative Journalist. As head “investigatory” reporter for The Pickle & Voice of North Academy she will do as much sneaking around as necessary to get the big scoop! Instantly recognized by her commanding lisp, Taffie has made her small but mighty presence known in the Inventionasium. Dreams of someday writing for the North Star, the post respected daily publication in the magical world. On the record, whatever you can imagine.

Wander Clock

Legend says this magical great-grandfather clock came into Kringle and Glytch’s possession during one of their many adventures through the Portal.  The machinery within this friendly resident of the Hiccup Hangout is said to come to life whenever a dreamer stands before it and makes a selfless wish. A timely example that anything can happen…


One of the original founding members of the Eyebrite Society. Oona has a keen sense of possibility which proves most useful when experimenting with the unpredictable realm of Inventology. Blind’s multiple pairs of glasses allow her to see into countless dimensions of imagination. You never know what she might see…


Spacey but brilliant, this totally awesome and bodacious inventioneer keeps others on their toes with his out-of-the-box perspective and open-minded nature. Public servant of North and member of the all bass band “The Merry Gentlemen.” Loves making music with his base cadets.


Choir Director and 7th level teacher at North Academy. She is the oldest Biscuit of thirteen whose family is known throughout the land of North as favored bakers of fine breads and pastries. Fancy can frequently be heard singing throughout the Inventionasium. She lives for the color pink.


North Post Delivery Specialist. Following in her parents footsteps as a dedicated employee of the official North Post. The creation of the Inventionasium would not have been possible without the secret efforts of this shy and unintentionally funny mail lady. Prides herself on precise and punctual delivery. You never know what might get delivered by the North Post.

Callie Cat

President of The PJC. As Self Appointed President of the Pajama Club, she spends most of her time in her jammies playing pretend as kitty cat “Callie.” Wear your jammy-jams to the Inventionasium and join her club! She loves signing up new members- especially when they show up in their pajamas. Let’s have a Meowy Christmas!

Let Mr. Kringle create wonder for your guests & you’ll be in great company!

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