The Captain Penny Show

Captain Penny’s Law

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool Mom. She’s pretty nice and she’s pretty smart. If you do what Mom says you won’t go far wrong.”

About The Show

If you grew up in Cleveland during the ’50s and ’60s, you undoubtedly recall the local children’s television show, starring Captain Penny (Ron Penfound). This popular kids program presented comedic shorts, like The Three Stooges, and Little Rascals, along with a variety of cartoons. During the show, Captain Penny would play host, in his signature train conductor outfit, to various special guests during the different segments.

Enter Mr. Jingeling

When Mr. Jingeling debuted in Christmas 1956, he captured the attention of Captain Penny’s producer, Earl Keyes. It wasn’t long before actor, Max Ellis, began making annual appearances on the show as Mr. Jingeling from Thanksgiving to Christmas. The segments were sponsored by The Halle Bros. Co., and would feature Mr. Jingeling counting down the days ’til Christmas, as well as promoting toys, and telling stories about his many keys. After the sudden death of Max Ellis, Earl Keyes took over the role in 1965, and continued to play the character until Mr. Jingeling stopped appearing on telelvision in 1987. Keyes became the longest person to portay the character, and the persona many fondly remember.

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Dates Aired: March 2, 1955 – September 4, 1971

Information: The appeal of Captain Penny had star, Ron Penfound, hosting several related shows as the character during his time on television: Captain Penny’s Comedy Clubhouse, Captain Penny’s Fun House, and Captain Penny’s Fun Farm.

Special Guests: Jungle Larry and Safari Jane with their exotic animals, the adoptable pets from “Pooch Parade,” Bobo the Clown (an inflatable toy balloon), Mister F.W. Nickelsworth (his off-screen assistant), and the train station’s own piano-playing marvel, Wilbur Wiffenpoof.

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